Something I Should Have Done Long Ago

I should have read “Full Dark, No Stars” long time ago. I know I would have liked it ten years ago. However I encounter Stephen King too late, long after I’ve lost interest in extraordinary circumstances and gory details. Now I am more into uneventful bantering and boring routine of life.

I remember as a teenager, I enjoy detective stories, the more bodies the better. And Kung Fu stories too. At the time historical Kung Fu stories were all the rage. My favorite were those from Hong Kong writers with a Mongolia backdrop. If I had read Stephen King in those days, I would have loved his stories as much as those about Kung Fu.

I read “1922” and “Dead Zone” quite a while ago and enjoyed these two books. This is why I feel strange that I don’t enjoy “Full Dark, No Stars” as much as the previous two books. I can repeat 1922 as it is the first story of the book, but I didn’t. The one I enjoyed most is “Fair Extension”, not “The Good Marriage”. Now I am stuck in “Big Driver”. I want to finish this book, but I don’t want to go through a trauma story of this poor woman. I feel an instinct aversion to such a content and I don’t want to see such things happen to a woman. Serious aversion.

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