Alternative Views

HBO suddenly descends on me for free and I wonder why? To take full advantage of it, I watched “Curb Your Enthusiasm” day and night, nonstop, neglecting all other daily activities. Other than comparing it with “Seinfeld”, other than enjoying Sussie’s combative language, other than admiring Larry David’s way of describing the life as he sees it, I slowly begin to warm up to Leon to the point that I regret that Leon is not given more screen time. I think I missed more than half of Leon’s lines since his slang and phrases are not so easy to understand, especially for non-native speakers. However whenever I do understand, I enjoyed more than anything else. The episode “foisted” is one of them. I understand the word, but have never known how to use it. That episode is wonderful in illustrating Leon’s alternative views, unconventional approach, and ingenious expressive way. I wish Leon can be given more opportunities to offer his alternative views. His expertise shouldn’t be restricted on romantic area. The episode “foisted” is a good start and I wish Leon becomes the main character of a future episode with as much screen time as Larry, with exhilarating alternative views that’s so conventional that one can’t stop laughing.

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