Time Management

I never know how to do time management. I record important things that I shouldn’t forget in Google calendar and that’s the only time management effort I’ve ever made. Not that I’ve never tried to manage my time. I did try before but failed miserably each time. Think about it. If I was doing something interesting, I would hate to give it up for something else just because the time is up. I don’t have the self discipline to do that. Also daydreaming, unexpected events, a quick lookup of the internet when a thought comes in can be considered disruptive and frustrating when I have a strict sense of what I should be doing in a given time slot. In reality these things are precious to me and without them, it’s hard to feel my fluid existence. Without them, life is too predictable.

The biggest reason that I dislike time management is that I’m a sloth who likes to go about life in a slow pace, who doesn’t want to be rushed, who is not interested to be task oriented. In those periods of time when I was very purposeful, my anxiety screamed so loud that I was hardly functional.

The authors I’ve ever loved are authors of books which I read for no purpose at all. Actually if I’ve read them to finish a paper, to make conversation with a learned stranger, or to become more like somebody I really want to become, I would have treated these authors differently.

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