The Impact

The impact of this new virus is not restricted to all the regular perils and sufferings of a lockdown. The travel between the U.S. and many Asian destinations are completely thrown into chaos. Stories and rumors abound. A college student couldn’t fly back home from Newark Airport directly and had to resort to an outrageous plan of flying through the third or even forth country. The result is not surprising–he was stranded in one of the airports, not able to go forward and not able to go backward either, sort of like Tom Hanks’ character in “The Terminal” or Edward Snowdon when he first arrived in Moscow.

I had thought modern medicine is so advanced that infectious disease are, if not completely conquered, contained and managed without much difficulties; that antidotes, vaccines, solutions are readily available whenever and wherever needed; that if we are careful with personal hygiene and pay attention to what we eat, we can ward off bacteria, viruses, or anything transmissible. All these are just my assumptions, which I think I regurgitate the commonly held views without really thinking of them. Suddenly, the epidemic descends on us and our long held notions become ridiculous.

Now are there any other myths that can and will be debunked?

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