Hero Or Villain

I watched the movie by Oliver Stone, but the movie only piqued my interest to know more about Snowden. “Permanent Record” is the answer. It’s a passive narration without much attention for interesting details or humor. I’m surprised that I have been fully engaged in listening from the beginning to the end. The last three hours are especially well written since it tells the story of how he planned and executed the whole thing and his reason for doing what he’s doing. The author didn’t even make an effort to make his story compelling–with the placid tone of voice and the rambling style of writing–but I just can’t help admiring him. He is a brave soul.

I only regret that the book has not talked about the legal trouble he is in and if there’s any way he can get himself out of it. It is so bad to live for the rest of his life in Russia. Will a great lawyer save him in the court of law?

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