I have to contrive a way to exercise in this heat. Actually it is not much of a heat at all. 89 degrees, not even 90 degrees. Still, it is a struggle to find a good way to do daily exercises in this temperature. Gym is not opening; shopping mall not opening; early rise before 8AM is not feasible during these lazy days when lock-down is in place. Well, how about exercising in the heat of 89 degrees? I’ve never thought about it before. I’ve never thought it possible before. I heard some people doing yoga in an intolerably hot room before, but I thought those are crazy people who try to do yoga and sauna at the same time to save time. Now to think about it, I was obviously wrong. I just assumed it and never even gave it much thought. Probably there are benefit in exercising in heat and comfort in bathing in one’s own sweat.

Exercise is just not very interesting, but it is necessary, same as working, eating food, running daily errands and doing daily chores. The best I can do is to device a way to make it less painful, to numb my brain into not thinking about it, to trick my mind into an illusion that I am doing something else. Sometimes I think my life is not very interesting, just like exercising. Reading is my way of numbing and tricking my brain.

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