News And More News

One of my friends suddenly fell listless and unwell. He will be in bed today and he said he didn’t know what’s wrong with him. A friend’s indisposition will usually put us in a mild gloom. There are news that many Asian stores in New York City are smashed and goods looted. It is said this time it is more severe than 1992. Many small businesses have already sustained huge losses during pandemic–the number of customers has already been dwindling because people unfortunately connect Asians with the virus. Now the riot just adds to the hardship. However we are all for justice, which we have to fight for even if the fight brings more economic woes. It is unthinkable to live in a society with material prosperity but without justice, rights, equality. George Floyd demands justice. And I only hope that people have fought as fiercely before as they do now for George Floyd. I hope people have fought so fiercely against the loss of habeas corpus, against the implementation of surveillance without court order, against election fraud such as gerrymandering and other forms of disfranchisement.

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