Conversation About Cars

The year, the model, the trend, the size, the color, the brand. I have a friend who knows a lot about these things. He pays attention to them. I don’t. How people defer! He has a seven-year-old BMW. It is an admirable brand, but it makes trouble at least three or four times a year for him. Every three months or so, some weird inexplicable lights would flash, which would inevitably prompt him to curse the manufacturer, complain about the repair price, compare it to a trouble-free Lexus, grudge the fact that the brand is overrated. Still, he admires his car despite all the trouble it causes. He bought it for the name and it has fully delivered in that aspect. His grudge is a happy grudge and he is proud that it is overrated. Sometimes I think its being overrated is the very reason that he bought the car in the first place.

Now the car being seven-year-old, my friend didn’t think it worth the price tag to bring it to the dealers for each of the troublesome flash on the dashboard. He came to me to inquire about my mechanics. As a humble owner of an old Toyota Corolla, I have an excellent auto-mechanics M, who is efficient, competent, knowledgeable, intelligent. Best of all he charges remarkably reasonable prices. Did I mention he is a handsome Indian American? He is and it’s a delight to go to have my car fixed from time to time. Not that it’s so often. Usually once a year, plus an oil change. My car functions much more reliably and much more economically than any admirable BMW.

“Do you think he can handle BMW?” My friend asked. I think it is probably a legitimate concern. It’s reasonable to think that the place I am accustomed to is fit for lowly Corolla and nothing else.

How do I know the answer to this question? I don’t, but I defended M valiantly. When my words were not sufficient to convince my friend, I started to accuse him of being a car snob–if he’s not a car snob, he would have been convinced by my word of recommendation.

How to make this tit for tat more interesting? I don’t know how to write conversations. Most of the conversations I wrote are bland. I wonder and I will continue to wornder.

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