Heat Exercise

I didn’t know the phrase “heat exercise” even existed, but now that I know it I will start to practice it. Not that I have any other choice. It’s hard to achieve social distancing in a gym; walking under the blazing sun outside is unpleasant.

Is it dangerous to exercise in the heat? Is it more effective to exercise in the heat? There are a lot of questions related to this new “venture”, but I am too lazy to read all the explanation online.

What I do is I hold my kindle at hand and read “Crucial Instances” while combining my floor exercises with several easy kickboxing moves. My mind is distracted by the book and will not constantly give me the feedback of how boring exercise is. Unfortunately “Crucial Instances” is not a very interesting book, but still the words and the phrases are wonderfully arranged that I can enjoy the language.

I feel like a copy writer in “Mad Man” who’s trying to spin a wonderful image for a very boring product. Exercise is boring no matter how many DVDs I buy, videos I follow, schemes I device, distractions I invent for it.

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