Exercise Or Not Exercise

A sloth doesn’t want to exercise when she doesn’t have to, but as time goes by, the sloth wants to be a healthy sloth. So she starts to exercise, in addition to buying grocery at Trader Joe’s, reducing nocturnal activities, reconciling to the fact that not every book is worth to be read cover to cover or even half read.

This morning when I started the one and half hour walk, the sun was oppressively hot, the air was humid. It’s no surprise that the road seemed interminable, and the shade of one tree seemed so far away from another that I almost imagined that I was in Texas again. The weather forecast said it’s going to be cloudy, at least before 11 o’clock, but the clouds in the sky was so ineffective that it’s practically a sunny day. Actually hours after my morning walk, the temperature dropped to 67 degrees and the sky was overcast. Just my luck. Some places around here must be having a shower or even a hail, which made the air in Edison so cool and almost misty, sky so grey.

There are not many people on the street, but every available public chair–there are quite a number of those in this part of the town–under a bit of shade was occupied by a person who seems more afraid of the heat than I am.

I have actually become a person who regularly exercise. How much people can change. When I was in high school and college, I hated the mandatory physical education class and tried my best not to attend. Weekend excursions to museums, parks, or shopping places were avoided by me for as much my ingenuity to find excuses as possible. Actually any physical exertions will mercilessly expose my lack of muscle, agility, and endurance which is a secret I want to keep as long as possible.

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