Eating Vicariously

I don’t know how to use the word “vicariously”, but it’s a word I have always wanted to use and never got to do it, until now. Even though I’ve never used it, it’s a word I can never forget after the first encounter since it describes modern life, modern love, modern enjoyment so aptly. Still, I’ve never thought I would use this word on food, which in my opinion should be by oneself not through another person. Obviously I am wrong.

Now I have become a daily viewer of food videos online, from Chopstick Travel, Strictly Dumpling, Garden Time Homemad Cuisine, to Davidsbeenhere. Watching other people eat food is a pleasure, I newly discover.

I first heard of the popularity of food videos several years ago. I got a flat tire right outside of the Mei Dong Asian grocery store and a kind hearted man helped me to change tire. He even had a little tire pump in his car, which he used to pump up my spare tire. When all were done, he refused to accept money from me. I persisted, but to no avail. Finally I said I’d like to take him to the Long Horn Steakhouse which is right across the street from the grocery store. Though we don’t have much in common, I dwelled on my writing just that we have something to talk about. He’s very good-natured and polite, but he’s not a good talker. Somehow I suspected that he may be a trump supporter, so I deliberately steered away from politics. He told me that his daughter is an avid watcher of a popular food show online, in which a girl orders food and eats in front of camera. I was a little surprised that watching other people eat can become a habitual pastime. I wondered how people could be interested in it.

Now here I am watching people eat. Often the video is about food from Macdonald (in Southeast Asian countries), 7-Eleven that are not supposed to be the most flavorful. Still I watched.

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