Following The Trend

Just to follow the trend, I got one book by Mary Trump and two by Ta-Nahisi Coates. Which one to read first? Coates’ books are obviously better written and I am itchy to know more about him ever since his very public dispute with Cornel West–why can’t they continue to debate, like Sartre and Camus, who plagued each other for years until Camus’ death. That will be very entertaining and educational, too good to be true for our trying time. Anyway Mary Trump’s book is easier to read. As a true sloth, I just have to finish the easy one first.

My kindle and audible libraries are littered with books half read and books never read. For this book about Trump family, I went through all the chapters except the epilogue. I don’t know why people make so much fuss about this book since everything written there is either public knowledge or easy deduction from public knowledge. The author seems uninterested in any exaggeration, though she did give some psychoanalysis. She is a psychologist after all. I really feel sorry for Mary’s father, and wish all the good things happening to Mary and her brother’s family.

Somehow I feel that Mary’s father is too soft hearted to become a tough developer in New York. That kind of job requires street fight skills and probably even mafia connections. Well, a nice polite impassive sloth like me cannot do a job like that.

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