A Phone Call

"Are you busy?" 
K called and that's his usual greeting.
I want to tell him that as a sloth
I am not busy even if I am busy--
that's the trait of a sloth, against all odds of this world.
But I won't say that to him. 
He won't understand a sloth, let alone a sloth's philosophy. 

Whenever he calls, I am quick to answer.
I am afraid that he might get himself into a situation, 
for which he doesn't understand the language. 
Sometimes I am worried about him, 
telling him not to say "yes" when he doesn't understand. 
It might get him into trouble. 
For years, I considered K a symbol of struggling immigrants.
Everything--language, internet, skills, even time--works against him.
Life is not exactly fair towards him.
I feel sad whenever I think about this.  

K runs a small business without knowing much English at all.
How brave he is. 
I would never dare to do such a thing.
K is helped by his friends left and right.
People are not as cynical and indifferent as some would imagine.
I feel glad whenever I think about this.

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