Daily Walk

Tables are cordoned away;
movable chairs can't stay;
long line meandering Zara--
a big "sale" sign tells all;
short line outside a few stores;
no line for most.

I should be buying something--
a cheap bling;
or a summer slip with string;

I feel so guilty
that I only come here for daily walk.
Please don't look at me with expectations.
If I am a good consumer,
I won't be consumed by guilt right now.

Here in Edison, especially in Menlo Park Mall, 
people know their trade;
people won't waste their sales pitch or smile.
Girls selling cosmetic don't even look at me--
they know with an Asian face, I only go for Shiseido. 
Women greet customers with a spray of fragrance, 
but not to me--
they know with an Asian face, I rarely buy perfume.

But shoes...
No high heels
No flat heels.
Here is a pair of DKNY sports shoes--
I don't even know DKNY has shoes, let alone sports shoes.
So much for my non-existent fashion sense.
But it's a wonderful pair:
black and white, so elegantly colored, contrasted, paralleled;
so fit to my contour, so mildly heightened at the heel.
It's a pair made for me.

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