Don’t Panic

Whenever I read something about certain symptoms of a disease, I feel that I have the disease, though with symptoms in a milder, less perceptible form. For example, stomach ailments, Alzheimer’s, amnesia, anxiety, and many different kinds of phobias. I have them all. The only thing I am sure I don’t have is skin cancer. What a relief. However Asians are susceptible to osteoporosis, and somehow I feel that I have it, in an unnoticeable form, which is surely going to manifest one way or another sometime in the future.

Now I am listening to (or rather watching) a book about financial disasters in the past–I shouldn’t have done this and I know it but I just can’t stop myself–and I feel that the world is heading towards disasters now. The past several months are only harbingers. It is said one year of hyperinflation will devalue $10,000 to $77. How frightening. No matter what is going to happen, it won’t be as bad as what my grandma went through during and after WWII. According to her, she lost everything she carried during their march to the mountains to escape the rumored bombings and the advancing armies. When she finally managed to come back, hyperinflation ate up the rest of her savings and possessions. Nobody accepted cash anymore since it’s worthless. A whole cartload of cash couldn’t buy one little bag of rice. Every trade is a barter. I can imagine myself barter away my possessions to exchange for a meal on a lucky day. On an unlucky one, nobody wants my books, clothes, cooking utensils, or any of the household appliances. Perish the thought.

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