What A Joke

It’s so hot that I just have to have a popsicle, which is probably fit for retirement in the realm of frozen treats. I can’t remember when I bought it–probably three months ago or even longer. However eating expired food or taking expired pills has never been a problem for me. How wasteful it is to throw away those food of imperfect freshness which are perfect for consumption. As for the vitamin or other pills, my acupuncturist told me that they are good for three years after the expiration date, and I believe her. I mean in this aspect, not in other aspects of life since my philosophy is completely at odds with hers.

When the purple ice is eaten, a joke is revealed on the stick. I gather this is all for children, but it’s quite new to me. Even if I’ve been here for decades, I haven’t started eating ice pops until quite recently–I’m not a fan of sweets or ice snacks to begin with. I realize that you are supposed to see the joke first before you start and the answer will show up when you finish. “What has three horns and gives milk” and the answer is “a cow driving a car”. What a joke? It is really the worst. There are so many jokes online and in books, old and new, one-liners and multi-liners etc. And why not find a better one to print there? Then I thought probably jokes have copy right issues and the manufacturer of the ice pops can’t copy jokes without infringing on … I’ve never thought about this before. How about jokes that are old or even ancient? A lot of new jokes are derived from those old jokes, sort of giving a modern clothes to an old statue. What will happen to the same joke of slightly different outfit? How are copy right laws applied there?

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