Amazon Recommends

Amazon recommends me something at least once a day in my email; it sends me advertisements disguised as login screen on my Kindle Fire. But I’ve never bought anything through its recommendations. Not that I’m impervious to marketing campaigns. Also I am not devoid of common human weaknesses which are usually cleverly explored by ads. I am full of these weaknesses and I am actually secretly wishing that they suggest to me something I like; I would be happily purchasing it. However so far none of the things being recommended appeal to me.

I still remember years ago when I was still in school, somebody tried to recommend to me books. I ended up enjoying none of the books being recommended and felt very guilty about this. I was at a very tricky situation at the time as far as my English level was concerned. My English was not good enough to enjoy the literary books I now enjoy, but too advanced for me to stoop to very light reading materials–my own progress in English as a second language made me too idiotically proud of myself. This meant that she was quite at a loss as to what kind of books appeal to me. She had to eventually give up on her suggestions.

Then I met C. We had great conversations on E. M. Forster, whom we both love. Then she recommended a historical novel by a contemporary author whom she so admired that she started to make the style her own, but I couldn’t like the book she recommended. I don’t dislike the book, but I can’t say I like it. About a year later, C recommended a sequel and I feigned an interest. However I’ve never even looked the book up. Since I am not a close friend of C, I don’t know her style and what kind of book piques her interest. I only know that she’s different from me.

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