Aimless Mind

Too lazy to tidy up. Remember my grandmother who has nine children, but still keep the place so clean and things so in order. Where did she get so much energy for repetitive work? Can’t imagine I have nine children. My friend told me that when I have nine children, I will be working harder than my grandmother and be very proud of every piece of chore I work on. Is that true? My friend has a talent of painting a beautiful message that is so…. Can I use the word resistible here?

Those lions and leopards in Masai Mara or other flat landscapes easy for camera crews to do their jobs are always hungry. Somehow it is hard for me to imagine that the big cats of Africa live as stressful a life as the Wolf of Wall Street, one shows the color of blood and the other the color of money. I felt sympathetic to these cats until their greediness and everlasting blood thirst started to disgust me. Are there anything moving that they don’t want to kill? No. They want to kill everything. They are like those despots that human history can’t have enough of.

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