Night Vision

At first I thought it is the word “college”, but the sentence just doesn’t make sense. Then I realized that it is the word “collage”, which I don’t know the meaning of. English has so many words and some are confusingly similar. Collage is an epitome of it. Does it have anything to do with collate? Anyway, a quick googling shows me that I’ve seen arts in the form of collage before without knowing that it’s called collage.

Listen to “Winner Take All” when cooking dinner, reminding me of a short story written by Evelyn Waugh named “Winner Takes All”. The former is a non-fiction book, the later a short story of a fictitious family in which the first born son, due to the system of primogeniture, gets everything while the younger son is robbed of everything he has. Although the two authors and the two writings are vastly different, something is strangely similar to me, but I can’t seem to place the weirdness of it. The title itself is a grudge of some sort–a healthy grudge no doubt, but Waugh would be too cynical to admit it while Giridharadas tries to address it without resorting to any radical thoughts.

My headache is gone finally. Thank goodness. I have no energy to search for a herbal solution to headache, and no intention to take aspirin or ibuprofen (what a word and how weird the spelling is). Fortunately it is gone on its own. If not, my overanxious mind will soon dwell on brain tumor. Of course an overreaction, but one really can’t control what one thinks. My mind tends to wander regardless of my command. And paradoxically, the more I do not want my mind to think of, the more it wants to dwell on. How one works with one’s own mind? I mean one wants it to focus but without losing the power of making associations, to be disciplined without losing spontaneity, to be trained without losing its natural tendencies, to dream but only to certain extents, to be wild while still controllable.

Audible sent an email about its audible plus which is offered free to members. I don’t know the significance of kindle unlimited, audible plus, free audible originals, and those limitless channels of amazon prime. Must be a marketing ploy that I don’t understand. I quickly select one book labeled with “included”, an indication of its inclusion in the plus program. It is “The Quiet American” by Graham Greene. I have no talent in choosing anything and know my own deficiencies. Graham Greene seems to be a safe choice. If a person always make convenient and safe choices, does that make her a conservative person?

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