Idle Evening

Finally, after setting up the lamp for a week, I got four light bulbs from Shoprite, but it turns out not the kind I want. The light is obviously yellow or even orange-ish, but it says “soft white” on the package. I can’t return them. Even if they don’t have a “Pandemic No Return” policy, I still feel that they don’t like it when one returns something. I might just throw them away.

Watched a video about African lions and found that there are six tourist bus filled with overexcited tourists watching one lion family having their lunch on a wildebeest. On another clip, the tourists–or at least the group who’s shooting the video– practically yell out in congratulatory tones when a leopard jumps on an impala. Makes me feel that Africa safaris have become the modern Coliseums and the buffalo, wildebeest, and impala are gladiators. Remember in the old days, in Asia as well as in Europe, beheading criminals is treated as a holiday with spectators coming from all over the places to watch such a spectacle. Are we as blood thirsty as lions? Well, lions will never become a Buddhist, that’s for sure.

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