Finishing Up

I am finishing up this book #2 in the Bridget Jones series. The best parts of the book are those conversations between the girls, which can be even more biting if the author is not intentionally toning it done to suit her romantic theme. They are wonderful. I gave the first book five stars due to the conversations and I could have given this book five stars too but the plot and the misunderstanding and the format of diary have become a little repetitive after a while. I don’t understand why but this happens again and again that the best conversations in most of the books about lovers are not happening between lovers and are not about love. They happen between friends, family members, or many other people.

I can’t say enough of how much I love the conversations between the girls–including Bridget’s mother who is qualified as a girl, isn’t she? In the second book, Bridget’s mother doesn’t provide much good conversations, but in the first book she’s great. She is supposed to be a silly character, but if she ever plays a more serious role, her conversation can be bitter and right to the point, her diversion and waste of money can have a more serious cause. I do think the book is a little too hard on the mother, which is something the book inherits from P&P. The advice and the support of the girls are invaluable, but they are deliberately made light of by the pile of self help books the girls read. Somehow I feel that the self help books are serving the role of a psychiatrist, giving pointers, dispensing solutions, soothing nerves.

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