At the parking lot of a store, 
a man was unloading something
from the back of a truck. 
He turned around and shouted at me, 
repeating something as if he's chanting.
I couldn't make out what he was saying.

A woman drove by and heard the shouting.
"Oh, it's closed, right? Thank you." 
She said, rolled up her window, and drove away.

So he was shouting, "closed, closed, closed" 
to indicate the store was closed. 
I went to the door and saw the posted sign,
"due to electric outage, our store ..."

Why couldn't I understand what the man was shouting about? 
I thought my English is good enough for that;
I thought my hearing is not bad; 
Is my friend correct that I am not paying attention? 
I live in my own cocoon, my reciprocation slow, 
my understanding lacking.


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