During The Storm

The lights come and go, come and go,
as if a ghost in the wire. 
From a slit of opening in the window,
gust of air rush in, to frighten or to inspire. 

Dirt, leaves, water all mixed up
in the wind--the smell of a storm. 
The sun comes out before the clouds take over again.
The wind is making the outside trees almost double over. 

I am ready for a block out, 
but no, where is my flashlight, candles, matches, and portable charger?
Haven't seen them since Sandy eight years ago. 

Remember last time I almost ran out of gas?
Remember last time my phone was out of battery and 
flashlights were nowhere to buy.
Only high priced candles and matches available,
while ice was out of stock. 

This time around, I will be running into the same problem,
if things go bad. 
I haven't learned and would probably never learn
to prepare for the worst. 

Mistakes repeat mistakes,
experiences lead to no learning, 
life is not a lesson,
progress is but an accident--said a pessimistic friend, 
who refuses to be enlightened.

The storm passes, 
with trailing winds. 
Wavering leaves under the afternoon sunlight,
as if to say goodbye.

"No need to worry, right?"
How can a pessimist be so good tempered? 

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