A Friend’s Admiration

A friend calls,
asking me to translate for him to renew his license,
and applying for this and that on internet. 
I like this friend because 
he admires me
without a trace of envy or reserve.

I help him write a letter to the government,
he raves about my skills.
I help him write his checks to pay bills,
he praises me instantly.
I help answer questions about a letter his wife receives, 
he is so humble as if he is an attentive student.
I help him buy a door bell from Home Depot, 
he says, "you can really talk with the shop assistant."
I obtain the best deal for him from Amazon, 
better than his friends got from Walmart,
he treats me as if I am the cleverest person in the world.

"This is nothing. I speak with an accent. 
Look, everyone here speaks English better than me."
I said, feigning modesty, pointing to people around us in the post office.
But my friend wouldn't hear it. 
He is oblivious to the comparison, 
and still thinks I am the best. 

I have to be cautious. 
If I don't, I will become complacent and conceited,
under his admiration. 
Who can defend herself 
facing such sincerest flattery?

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