From A Text Message

My friend sent me a text message that the resigned Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is suffering from colitis, the same chronic illness I’ve been dealing with for more than ten years. None of my friends understand this malady of mine. Whenever I tell them that I have to observe strict diet and can’t touch oily food or any alcohol, they just stare at me in disbelief. Now the news of Shinzo Abe’s resignation seems to vindicate me in a certain way–such disease really exists and my claim has been valid all along despite the fact that I’ve been unable to convince my friends.

I have been quite successful in controlling my colitis–an immodest claim but it is true. I can certainly teach anybody who suffers from the same condition. The first rule to battle this illness is understanding those prescription pills and suppositories, which are hormone based and will gradually lose their potency. I think I took Colozal first, and then Azacol, also occasionally with some kind of suppository. At first, the medicine worked wonders and I felt better than ever. However four years later, it all went downhill. That’s when I started to do research on herbal medicine and special diet. By the way, I also suffer from type 2 diabetes and have to be very careful of my blood sugar level.

Here are my “secrets”– I use probiotics–the kind with more than 400 billions count, whatever that means. Also psyllium husk, and berberine. That’s it. No other medicine. Berberine actually help both my bowel and my blood sugar level–it’s like one herbal stone against two birds of ailment. I am very strict with my diet and only eat organic chicken and egg and no other animal products. I think duck is ok too except it is too fatty. I also drink soy milk, eat tofu, all the beans, tomato etc. I think I could write my diary of living with colitis and type 2 diabetes or a book of recipe that follows the diet regime I’ve designed.

Just out of curiosity, I checked out Shinzo Abe’s wikipedia page. His elite status and his brilliant career path are dizzy to read. Then a link to his grandfather Kishi brings the shocking information. I really don’t know anything about history although I read several books about the Pacific Theater of WWII and the Korea War. Kishi is such a war criminal, a brutal racist against people of Manchuria and Korea, a murderous administrator who starved workers he colonized by tens of thousands a month, an admirer of Stalin and Hitler, a skilled money launder, a shameless philanderer. Are there any human atrocities this Kishi guy will not do? After the war, he was considered not bad enough to be indicted by the Tribunal and was released and was allowed to rehabilitate his reputation. If such a savage is considered not that bad, I just can’t imagine how bad one has to be in order to get into a trial, let alone get convicted.

It is difficult not to develop a cynical view when one takes a long hard look at the world, but we have to try to be positive and hopeful.

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