Aimless Sunday

Sunny, cloudy, few drops falling, 
then sunny with humidity again.
Suddenly a big roar from above--
the store has a warehouse roof,
unadorned and echoing.
It must be the shower. 
Strain my eyes to look outside, 
too myopic to see the raindrops. 
The noise is fantastic, 
drowning his and my voice.
"How much is it?" I asked.
"Just insert your card." He said impatiently.
"I pay cash."
He stretched out his annoyed hand, 
pressing buttons on the payment machine.
I pulled out bills and he said, 
"I don't have changes."
I felt sorry for him, but why, I don't know.
Nobody cares much about changes anymore,
but I have the exact change for him. 
I walked out with two bags of grocery, 
the parking lot is wet but no rain. 
Is "no change" due to coronavirus too?
I mean, in addition to 
toilet paper ration, high priced sanitizer, 
rubbing alcohol shortage, empty malls, 
election surprise, eyes glued to news about Asia.
What will happen next?

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