Unexciting Shopping Trip

After rearrange the living room, I find it’s necessary to buy another light for the corner. Why? There’s no such need for the previous setting where the sofa was close to the window. I had not realized it until this year when I had to work from home that the sunlight is too much for the sofa and often I had to move when the afternoon sun lights up the laptop screen. It was so bright that my eyes became blinded to patches of screen areas.

After getting the lamp from the Walmart on Route 27, I realized that I forgot to buy the light bulb. It crossed my mind when I first viewed the lamp shelf that light bulbs are not placed anywhere near the lamps. Then I started to select the lamps and forgot all about the bulbs. At the checkout, only two registers could accept cash and all the other ones for cards. I am not sure if this is a ploy to get people to use their credit card more. I always know that when I use credit card, I buy twice as much. Cash somehow makes the merchandises feel more expensive. If this is true, what would people feel if they pay by silver or gold coins? I mean people in the ancient time, or even less than 150 years ago in Asia, use silver regularly. When it is my turn to checkout, the cashier asked me for twenty cents before she asked me for twenty dollars. I thought this register, being one of the only two for cash payers, should stock itself with all the necessary coins. Obviously not. She wants twenty cents from me rather than giving me 80 cents for the change. So I gave her a quarter. Why the coin shortage? I used to have a big jar of coins, but where is it right now? I don’t even know.

The lamp is easy to assemble, much easier than assembling the glass and iron desk I bought several years back. I was listening to a book on Japanese history while trying to get the lamp ready. I had to search for spare light bulbs and found one white and one yellow. I can no longer see the watts of a bulb, or at least not easily. A parade of information is printed on the base, among which I saw 800 lumens. What does that mean? I am too lazy to look it up.

It is said the West Coast is 107 to 117 degrees. I need to calculate the Fahrenheit to Celsius in order to feel how high it is. And it is 47 degree Celsius. Probably you can cook a half boiled egg in such a temperature. So I should feel lucky that the East Coast is so cool and rainy, but actually I don’t feel the euphoria. Comfort is something that intrudes in your mind when you loses it. When you have it, you don’t feel it.

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