Minimum Chores

I don't know what minimalism is, 
but minimizing chores must be a bliss. 
Time used to be allocated
to tackle dirt, mess, garbage accumulated. 
Then the discipline wanes day by day,
cleaning plans suffer delay after delay. 
I say I am a tortoise or sloth, slow and unclean.
Laziness is in my gene. 
I say I am not interested in things I am not interested in,
wasting my time is a sin. 
I say it's only Wednesday, 
and let's wait for Saturday or Sunday.
I say I don't want to be my grandmother, 
all her life is chores and chores, one after another.
My excuses I've quite fed up.
In the end, I still have to clean up. 
Grudging doesn't help, 
in vain I yelp. 
Robot will help--not arrived yet;
Audible is an aid--listening distracts, no fret. 
If only one can transform tedium into a riveting story.
Who can theorize, spin, or paint its glory?
Family is a sacred term,
in many cultures standing firm. 

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