It's read and read again, 
by people here and there, far and near.
Different wiring of our brain--
some cheer, some jeer, some unclear.

I feel like a country lout visiting a city,
not sure what's good, what's bad, what's gritty.
My praise, too earthy;
my details, too petty.

The worst concerns criticism, 
for which directness equals to fascism,
or at least egotism.
Just give a hint, with a tinge of aphorism or symbolism.

Doubts linger--can dressing up a rhetoric replace
the true elegance of treating a nuanced issue in a nuanced way?
Will quick, witty, fashionable remarks efface
the need for tedious explanation, the most unfashionable display.

Does subjectivity involves hierarchy?
Some are more subjective than others.
Does subjectivity means no standard and wild wild west?


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