Cold or Flu

After a week of taking NyQuil for my cold, I can’t fall sleep at night anymore without taking any pills. This must be the sign of aging since for many years I don’t take any medication for my cold. However now I won’t be able to go to sleep at night with all the sniffling and the blocked nose. It’s hard to know which brand of cold medication is the most suitable for me. I saw the discount label for NyQuil and bought it. It worked beautifully until I got over the cold and no longer need to take the medication, which was three days ago.

The first night I couldn’t sleep at all and only dozed off at 6:00AM. Then I got up at 8:00AM and felt as if my head had enlarged. The second night was a little better, but not too much better. The third night allowed me only four hours of sleep. “Insomnia of convalescence”. I read the phrase in Graham Greene’s 21 stories and at the time I didn’t know what it meant. Why convalescence has to be connected with insomnia? Now I can appreciate the phrase better.

Today, however, my sleep pattern reverses back to normal. The natural feeling of grogginess and the natural desire to close my eyes when tired finally come back. Welcome back. Those people who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation must be devastated. I sympathize with them. My mother is one and one of my friends is another. I couldn’t understand them before, being a lover of sleep for all my life. Now I feel how much they must have suffered. It’s rather depressing lying there, wanting to sleep but unable to fall sleep.

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