Poem Of The Day #13

Photo by Landon Parenteau on Unsplash

The end of May feels more like
the peak of summer--
heat, humidity, haze, blinding light--
reminding me of that very hot day long long ago.

In such a delirious temperature, 
even stones were hot, 
but you were so cold, as usual. 

A life of inescapable chores, 
an unhelpful husband, 
a marriage with no exit,
has soured your spirit for years.

Your headache, insomnia, indigestion
were your endless concerns.
Visiting doctors was your favorite pastime. 

Your face turned severe
when you spoke to me, in your didactic tone.
Your voice became animated,
only when you complained about my father.

Whatever you had to say, I pretended to listen,
but I didn't care. 
I was not going to avenge your disappointment 
or continue your unfulfilled dream.

Whatever life is--venom or acid or insipidity--
I want a cup of my own. 
Actually what I definitely don't want
is becoming a person like you. 

I know you've suffered a lot--
having a career is not easy,
having a man but not enjoying serving him is also tough,
having children only out of social pressure is frustrating.
However don't let your bitterness
burns my heart and kills my feelings.

15 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #13

  1. I can feel the heat of your heart when the other heart is just like an Ice freazed cold with no warmth n care. Last two lines are awesomely powerful from the deep felt heart. Whishing all the happiness the kind friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, self expression helps a lot. Thank you for reading and it is people like you who keep me going. Thank you for the encouragement. And it makes my day and my week. LOL.


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