Poem Of The Day #47

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

I helped a stranger to translate
in an Asian grocery store--
the difference between packages of rice.

What's the stories behind her made-up face?
Her accent, a hint of a far away hometown;
her winter coat, plain and practical, no frills;
her bored husband, tagging along.

Were they sweethearts ten years prior?
Are there love and war, 
reason and desire on fire?
Are there sweet rapport, 
battle and settle of wills
with or without the aid of pills.

I wonder if she bleeds for passion,
if she labors for love, 
if she sweats for pittance.

Life is a mystery.
All these beautiful stories
walk past me, mocking,
teasing and whispering,
"You'll never know."

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