Poem Of The Day #15

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

Love is a blind leap from
the quietness of our frozen presumption. 
Suddenly the hushed order 
we proudly immure ourselves 
becomes laughable and absurd--
from a lover's eye.

All the mistakes we made--
casually construed, clumsily carried out.
Then it abruptly ended 
when you stormed off.
You had a bad cold and must be cranky. 
Your parting words are forgotten,
but your bitter vehemence has lingered forever.

I want to call you, but I abstain. 
You've changed the photo on your website,
to a more somber picture of 
dullness and maturity. 
You are young and old, 
gullible and shrewd,
hateful and lovable--
all depending on my whim of the day. 
It's not an ambivalence--
it's just a mood.

I can't call you--
if you tell me you've forgotten me,
I will be mad as hell. 
Love can't stand the cool reality. 
I imagine myself hurling and jumping and scratching, 
like the YouTube videos of 
brave and suicidal little cats
fighting against dogs.

Forget it.
Admit I'm a coward and be quiet.
Resign to a life of quiet desperation.
The heart doesn't forget--
it will remember things to its own destruction. 

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