Poem Of The Day: Flower & People

Poem Of The Day #52

"How red? How beautiful."
Touching the waxy petals, 
smelling the non-existent fragrance,
she says, "beautiful flowers,
but ugly root. Don't you think?"

"It's like people. You know,
people with pretty face, 
but ugly feet.
We all have ugly feet." I say to her.

"Haha, that's because 
we don't do manicure or pedicure. 
It's always save money for this,
and save money for that. 
I am tired of it all. 
Let's go for a nail appointment, 
and a facial.
Afterwards let's go to a hair salon
to dye our hair red, blue, or green."
She says enthusiastically. 

"What is this? A new look?
A revolution?
There's enough disturbances 
in the world." I frown, feigning a doubt,
but deep inside I feel that I like the idea, 
for inexplicable reasons. 
None of us had a rebellious youth,
and we end up dreaming of it
for the rest of our life.

We start to imagine a life that's unrealistic, 
an expensive trip we can't afford, 
a romance that's out of this world,
a black jack windfall that's sure to unfold.

She says, "Oh, well. it feels good."
I say, "Women's group fantasy, pure delusion."
She says, "Without it, reality will be unbearable."

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