Quote Of The Day: Weekend Reading

Quote Of The Day #47 I've tried to read a scary book like "Dead Zone", "1922", or "Full Dark, No Stars" by Stephen King, but I ended up reading "11/22/63", "Different Seasons", and "On Writing". None of the three books are scary. The last one is not intended to scare people, but rather it is … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Weekend Reading

Saturday’s Conversations

A Friend's Wife I shouldn't have said a friend's wife. I should have said a couple since I know both the husband and the wife. The wife got a job for a year in Chicago for obvious reasons--their marriage is in a bit of trouble. He didn't mind too much but she wanted a change. … Continue reading Saturday’s Conversations

Where Are You Going? (Flash Fiction)

Image by adriankirby from Pixabay Flash Fiction #120 Yilan is a travel agent who runs a small travel agency in Edison, located in a strip mall right next to a big Korean supermarket. The pandemic is bad for the travel business, but somehow she has survived and now she expects 2022 will bring much better … Continue reading Where Are You Going? (Flash Fiction)

The School Bully (Flash Fiction Part 3)

This is the third and the last part of the story. The first part is here and the second part is here. When Nali and Meiru came back to school two days later, they were asked to go to the administrator's office immediately. Apparently Sulang and his mother had reported to the school that a … Continue reading The School Bully (Flash Fiction Part 3)

New Word: -STLE and -STLER and -LSTER

new word #106 words with -stle or -stler Here I only chose the words that are often used. rustle and rustler rustle: make a sound like dry leaves scratching each other. It also means to round up livestock and to steal themrustler: people who steal other people's livestock hustle and hustler hustle: (North America) try … Continue reading New Word: -STLE and -STLER and -LSTER

The School Bully (Flash Fiction Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of the story. The first part is here. Nali thought about how to get those books from Sulang, but it was just a thought. An obsessive thought, but still it's only a thought. It would never be put into action if it was not for the newcomer Meiru, who's parents … Continue reading The School Bully (Flash Fiction Part 2)

The School Bully (Flash Fiction)

Image by John Hain from Pixabay Flash Fiction #119 -- This story is modified from two real life events. Nali was an 11-year-old girl, living in the staff quarter of a rural university on the edge of Mongolian Steppe. Her mother worked there. The place was so remote that cars, buses, bikes, donkeys, horses, and … Continue reading The School Bully (Flash Fiction)

How Do You Know What Italians Think? (Flash Fiction)

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay Flash Fiction #118 Pammy and her husband Pan have been talking about inflation regularly. They have two mortgages to pay, one for the house and one for Pan's new car. Their son Sam is growing and the expense is increasing. A school trip to Manhattan, a new swimsuit for … Continue reading How Do You Know What Italians Think? (Flash Fiction)

Crazy Friday

The Microwave This morning the microwave went crazy. After emitting a weird burning smell, it sent the smoke detector screaming. I didn't see any smoke to justify the alarm, but not being visible didn't mean not being in existence. The detector can detect what our eyes can't see, I guess. Is this a metaphor for … Continue reading Crazy Friday

Super Easy: Tofu And “Just Egg”

This is the best vegan dish I've ever cooked so far and the taste is so good that it rivals those meat dishes. It is extremely simple and there are only three ingredients: Just Egg--I used six table spoon of this plant based egg, which is equivalent to two medium sized real egg. tofu -- … Continue reading Super Easy: Tofu And “Just Egg”

Somewhere And Nowhere

Paul and Katherine, the loving couple, fly from Boston to Los Angeles. Paul is a thirty-year-old historian who finds a wonderful job at a big corporation in the West Coast. Paul is so excited since this is a career boosting opportunity. Katherine, on the other hand doesn't want to leave Boston, where she has her … Continue reading Somewhere And Nowhere

The Vegan Eggs

I was thinking of getting the vegan option "Just Egg" from the Target store for months since it has had very good reviews online. However, Target is located in the Menlo Park section of the Edison Township, near those many acres of land Thomas Edison bought and established his lab more than 150 years ago. … Continue reading The Vegan Eggs

Quote Of The Day: Complicated and Unexpected

Quote Of The Day #46 Alan and Jane had a perfect marriage--he's a professor, architect, and writer in a university in upstate New York while she's a capable senior administrator in the same place. One day Alan played sports with his students twenty years his junior, fell to the ground, and hurt his back. At … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Complicated and Unexpected

New Word: To Describe The Spring

New Word #105 There's an old Italian couple living in a small house not far away from where I live. They have made their front yard a beautiful Italian garden. Since they live at the corner, their garden stretches from their neighbor's hedges on the right hand side to the edge of the sidewalk on … Continue reading New Word: To Describe The Spring

Things To Change

I'm thinking of making some changes to my post after seeing beautiful presentation of doodles, shining pink colors, and otherworldly fonts from people I follow. I have absolutely zero art skills. Whether it is photography, drawing, colors, shapes or layout, I have no idea how to make things pretty or why one is prettier than … Continue reading Things To Change

Cultural Differences And Appeal Letters

I think cultural differences become a big mess of entanglement in appeal letters. Time and time again, I've encountered this problem of trying to help somebody with his or her appeal letter, only to find myself unsatisfied during the process. For one thing, the content of an appeal letter is inevitably self contradictory, to certain … Continue reading Cultural Differences And Appeal Letters

The Alternative Life

"It often makes me think about the alternative." My friend E says. She is a very nice, cute girl full of common sense. By the say, she is also a nurse living in Queens borough of New York City. Once she told me that many of her colleagues complain that they have to try very … Continue reading The Alternative Life

New Word: More Compound Verbs

New Word #105 Last week, I gathered several compound verbs here, and this week I find some more. These verbs are so often used that I can't afford to ignore them, although I have tried to avoid using them as much as possible. Now I am thinking of digging all of them out, one by … Continue reading New Word: More Compound Verbs

Quote Of The Day: Contradicting Views

Quote Of The Day #45 Why shouldn't she, like Polly, have made at least one serious mistake in a rush of passion. In the absence of happiness, pleasure and power are the best the world has to offer. Both of us were fools, trusting people to whom in the end we didn't mean all that … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Contradicting Views