New Word: -STLE and -STLER and -LSTER

new word #106

words with -stle or -stler

Here I only chose the words that are often used.

rustle and rustler

  • rustle: make a sound like dry leaves scratching each other. It also means to round up livestock and to steal them
  • rustler: people who steal other people’s livestock

hustle and hustler

  • hustle: (North America) try to persuade somebody forcefully
  • hustler: (North America) somebody who tries aggressively to make some money by shady trade.

bustle and bustler

  • bustle: behave in a noisy and energetic way.
  • bustler: This is not a word. This word does not exist.

wrestle and wrestler

  • wrestle: Wrestling is a sport. However professional wrestling is only an entertainment and a performance.
  • wrestler: people who wrestle

jostle and jostler

  • jostle: push against each other in a crowd
  • jostler: This is not a word.

words with -lster

Words with “lster” at the end are not commonly used but they are often irreplaceable in the place they are used. For example, to describe the padding of a sofa, you have to use upholster, and to describe the leather case for a gun, you have to use holster. At first I often mistaken the words ending in “lster” with the words ending in “stler” since the two endings are so similar. However after many years, the confusion naturally disappeared for some unknown reasons.

bolster: support. For example, bolster a claim. It can also mean pillow, but I’ve never seen it being used as a pillow.

holster: A holster is a leather holder of a gun, typically on a cowboy in a wild wild west movie.

upholster: the soft padding of a sofa

pollster: A person who does opinion poll, usually for a political election

ulster: man’s long overcoat. I’ve never seen this word being used.

3 thoughts on “New Word: -STLE and -STLER and -LSTER

  1. Whistle and Whistler. Just popped into my head. Thanks for getting my mind working. It’s been a bit zapped and rusted for the past several days. Hope you’re fine, Haoyan. 🙂


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