The Vegan Eggs

I was thinking of getting the vegan option “Just Egg” from the Target store for months since it has had very good reviews online. However, Target is located in the Menlo Park section of the Edison Township, near those many acres of land Thomas Edison bought and established his lab more than 150 years ago. Before the pandemic, I used to frequent the shopping mall, dry cleaner, fruit store, and restaurants there, but I haven’t been to that part of the town for almost two years.

Then today, I went to the grocery store ShopRite near me and was surprised to discover that “Just Egg” showed up on the shelf right beside the piles of egg cartons. I couldn’t believe my eyes since I knew this particular ShopRite is rather unfriendly to healthy food, unlike the one in Psicataway and the one in North Edison. It usually carries very limited vegan food and the price is ridiculous, almost two dollars higher than those more health conscious stores like Trader Joe’s or Wegmans.

Needless to say, I bought two “Just Egg” and was even more surprised to discover that each only cost $1.99. At first I thought it had already expired, but the little writing on the creamy yellow container announced that the expiration date is 16th, this coming Saturday.

I poured almost half of the container into the frying pan, and that’s an equivalent of 4 medium sized eggs. It cooked almost like eggs with edges gradually curled up with heat and the middle starts to bubble up a little. The cooking time is exactly the same as real eggs.

The taste does not disappoint at all. If anything, it is better than real eggs. I really like it. Now I am overcoming my last hurdle towards my goal of being a vegan. I think I am ready to get rid of real eggs and go for vegan eggs now.

Now after dinner, I am a little exhausted, all because of the fact that I was drenched by a sudden rain earlier in the afternoon. I was told that the best time to photograph is at the sunrise or sunset. So today, at sunset, I was trying to photograph a blooming tree–not a big bloom though. It’s rather a small bloom for some inexplicable reason. It felt like half of the flowers are sleeping and only half are blooming. Anyway, suddenly a rain shower came and my fluffy jacket was half drenched. It rained when the sun was still shining. Then the rain was gone.

I should just give up on taking photos. I have no skills in photographing and Edison has no scenery. I know a couple of people who have to travel to New York City in order to aim at something worthy of their camera. However I have no interest in going to NYC any time soon. Just today there’s the news of somebody who shot at more than 16 people in a Brooklyn subway. And it is said fortunately his gun was jammed and his low quality device didn’t go off as planned. No, I don’t think I will go to NYC no matter how interesting the city is.

21 thoughts on “The Vegan Eggs

  1. I haven’t tried Just Egg. I’m still stuck in the old days of tofu scramble! Nevertheless it’s awesome discovering a New Jersey blogger who is vegan!! Something to look forward to, True Kitchen (which has a few vegan items on the menu) is opening up in Menlo this summer!

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  2. Still haven’t tried just egg, we don’t have them in Copenhagen. You got this though! If you need help going vegan feel free to reach out. And I can relate to the photography skills… I suck 😀

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  3. Glad you like the Just Eggs. I cannot buy eggs in my home, as it offends my parents, so I am experiment with the vegan equivalent when making ramen . . . so far I have yet to find a good recipe for using vegan egg.

    That shooting in Brooklyn is crazy. My friends and I were talking about the mental epidemic getting worse each day as people don’t have any constructive way of dealing with their problems.

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    1. Welcome back. So true. I’ve been trying different egg replacement and so far this is the only one that tastes nice. I highly recommend it. Yes, I am glad the pandemic is almost over and I hope there’s no more virulent variant to disrupt our life anymore.

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      1. I am sick and tired of the pandemic, too. My office sent an email about further inoculation and viral therapies, though, and I didn’t want to read further. I do think the worst is over, however.


    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I just checked “Just Eggs” online and it is said it’s a Canadian company. Our local Target has it on the shelf and it is said one can order online at Walmart and pick it up in store.

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      1. It’s my pleasure…I couldn’t find “Just Eggs” in Denmark…but there are some other alternatives, including homemade egg replacement from seeds…I’m definitely gonna check that…thanks to you…you made me aware that there are alternatives ✨


    1. Wow, what an escape. It’s really frightening to just think of taking subway nowadays. And New York is getting more and more unsafe nowadays. Please be careful. Yes, Just Egg is really good. In someway better than real egg and no cholesterol.

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  4. I am so glad you liked the “JUST Egg” and I hope they help you give up regular eggs. I think JUST is the closest to real eggs and they are often most peoples favourite replacement for eggs.

    I heard about the shooting on the subway. It’s so sad when someone does something like that and harms completely innocent people.

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    1. The world is getting crazy nowadays. However I have to say I have always considered subway unsafe even in those days when it was safe. I don’t know. Just have to be as cautious as possible, but still it is no good to live in fear.
      Yes, Just Egg is a wonderful product. I think I will use it to replace egg. Now I can be a real vegan, except Trader Joe’s Chicken Wonton, which I can’t live without. I need to find a way to replace that. Then it will be really complete.

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      1. Yeah the subway has always sounded very unsafe and that’s what another friend of mine who lives in NY said too.

        Well at least you found a good vegan egg replacement now you just need to get the chicken wanton one.

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        1. Yes, I really want to become a real vegan. i don’t know why but somehow I want that for no explicit reasons. Haha, sometimes we don’t even understand ourselves.

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