Super Easy: Tofu And “Just Egg”

This is the best vegan dish I’ve ever cooked so far and the taste is so good that it rivals those meat dishes. It is extremely simple and there are only three ingredients:

  • Just Egg–I used six table spoon of this plant based egg, which is equivalent to two medium sized real egg.
  • tofu — I used 1/3 of a pound of Trader Joe’s tofu, the red one, which is the best among the three or four different kinds of tofu it carries.
  • frozen spinach–I used baby leaf spinach from Steamables, one third of a package. One package is a little more than half a pound.

Other Ingredients And Spices:

  • Olive oil–I put very little olive oil, like one teaspoon, but you can add a little bit more, for example one table spoon.
  • Dark soy sauce–It has to be the dark soy sauce since the regular soy sauce doesn’t do well with tofu.
  • Sushi Seasoning–it has to be the Japanese brand Mizkan.

And the cooking process is super easy and super quick.

  1. break up the tofu chunk. You can cut it into small pieces (very small pieces, like 1/3 or a bite size or even smaller) but I am too lazy to cut. So I just use my hand to break the tofu into a little messy heap. I put the tofu into a frying pan. I don’t put oil at this step, but I know most people would prefer adding some oil to the frying pan at this point. I add one table spoon of sushi seasoning and half a table spoon of dark soy sauce. The sushi seasoning is already salted and it is acidic. So you probably need to add a little at first. After a while when the tofu is cooked through, you sample it, and add more if you feel like it. Heat up the pan with high heat. When the pan becomes hot, lower the heat. Cook on low heat for 5 to 7 minutes as tofu slowly soaks up all the sushi seasoning and dark soy sauce. Now you really want to taste it to see if the sourness and the saltiness is to your liking. It should be a little bit on the salty side since you are going to add spinach to it. Tofu is not easy to take on flavors and if it tastes too bland, you want to add more sushi seasoning or dark soy sauce.
  2. Add the spinach in. I don’t recommend to add any spice or sauce after the spinach since whatever you add after this point will be soaked up by spinach.
  3. I will vacate a part of the pan, spray a little olive oil, and add the vegan “Just Egg”. It is already lightly salted. So I don’t need to add anything to it. And it cook just as easily as a scrambled egg.

That’s it. How easy it is. And it is very tasty. The sushi seasoning can be obtained in many Asian stores. Sometimes the price can go up to 7 dollars a bottle. It’s 710ml, an equivalent of 24 fl oz. However, you don’t use it that much each time. Probably just one tablespoon each time. And last weekend, I discovered that in one Asian store, the price is $4.99 for a bottle. How lucky I was.

6 thoughts on “Super Easy: Tofu And “Just Egg”

    1. This recipe is really nice and easy. Yes, if you get to cook it, I am sure you will love it. You probably want to adjust the sushi seasoning and dark soy sauce to your liking. Tofu is weird. Some tofu takes up more flavor than other tofu for unknown reasons.

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