Slow To Take A Hint

I was trying to add a little shimmer to the above photo, which I took with my phone of the book I was reading, but somehow managed to make the picture look sick with a ghostly glow. Don’t you think so? I mean the glow is so unnatural that it almost feels like a Halloween picture. Other people can do wonders with, but I’m just not able to do it. I should have be content with the original photo, which is a little dim but quite real and normal. Now I am too lazy to go back to dig up that photo. It’s still in my cell phone, but I’m not motivated to move it to WordPress right now.

I want to talk about some of the things I regret this week. All petty and trivial, but I am a little bit affected by them.


Yesterday’s Wordle is “comma” and I didn’t get it until the fifth try. And just one minute before playing it, I was reading and commenting on a WordPress post which talks about punctuation. The last paragraph is about comma. And I even wrote a comment specifically about comma. That’s a sign, isn’t it? Of course, I was slow to take the hint. I am always so slow. If I put down “comma” for Wordle, I would have won by the first try. First Try.

Now I try to go back to find that page and put a link here, but I can’t find it. Is there a way to find your own comments on somebody else’ posts?


Talked with an acquaintance and she’s all about her kid. And I was slow to praise her kid and she’s not very happy about it. Why can’t I just flatter her and her kid? I was so stubborn and slow. Why can’t I be a better flatterer and make her happier? Now she is going to think that I am stingy with my praise. And I don’t know when will be our next conversation. I can’t call her back and tell her I forgot to praise her kid more. She’s going to think I am crazy if I do that.

We met at the Korean grocery store here and she told me that her son is graduating from college next month and he’s going to work in Wall Street as a bond trader. I really don’t like Wall Street very much. Like what people said, time and time again, they make so much money while not really contributing to the society very much–they just move money around and charge people for the move. While people who really contribute to the society don’t earn enough and have to suffer the inflation. After watching the TV show “Billions”, my view of Wall Street becomes even dimmer. I can just imagine her son, who’s a very nice and proper kid by the way, grows and develops into an arrogant jerk like those portrayed in the TV show.

Well, probably her son will continue to be the sweet boy he is right now. Probably it is not going to be too bad and I am just overthinking. Yes, I tend to overthink.

Wish I Kept A Notebook

I wish I kept a notebook of all the strange words and grammars of English in those days when I was learning it. I mean I can weave many stories out of it. Unfortunately I didn’t keep a note and now I feel rather empty handed. I still remember we had trouble learning “unbelievable” as a super positive word. I remember we had trouble with subjunctive mood. Well, I remember there’s a spike of interest in English when we discovered in middle school that we could use an obscure English curse word and nobody would know we were cursing. However there are more interesting things happened in those days, but I have no recollection of them now.

Wish I Had Read That

I wish I had liked more variety of books, like fantasy, fairy tale, science fiction, comic etc. However I didn’t and my reading is almost exclusively restricted to literary fiction books and certain non-fiction books. This is the reason why I can’t come up with more interesting plots–my mind is too limited. I didn’t explore and it shows. Well, something has to be there to sustain the interest of the readers. It has to be something. If it is not the plot, it has to be something else.

28 thoughts on “Slow To Take A Hint

    1. Me too. I feel that Wordle nowadays has more repeat characters than before. LOL. Yes, I was almost snapped into two at the fifth try. And sometimes I wonder why can’t I play other word games. Why do I have to stick with this one?


      1. I noted the same. About Wordle. Repeat characters are their favorite ploy currently. It has become my go to place almost everyday. It’s simple fun & grt to show off on SM when u get it in 3!! Have u tried W2 with 6 characters? It has good challenging words. And, yes I’m

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        1. Haha, thank you for sharing. Yes, we love games. Games are like South Korean drama–I have to stay away. One thing good about Wordle is that it is impossible to get addicted to it. LOL. I remember once I was addicted to a restaurant game and ended up spending a lot of time playing it. That’s a long time ago.

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        1. Very interesting. Isn’t “morbid” a curse? No? Wow, that must be the cultural differences. I guess it is a negative word but not up to the degree of cursing.

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        2. Someone who is morbid is interested in death and dying. You might say that a mortician has a morbid job because their work involves dead people. I guess it could be a negative word depending on how you use it. I don’t think it would even be rude to call someone morbid, but I guess that would depend on the circumstance.
          I have never thought this deeply about the cultural weight we put on words like this. This is interesting stuff! 🙂

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        3. Hmm, I can see your point. Yes, morbid is just a state of things, even though in certain cultural psyche, death is considered most unlucky and to be avoided at all time.


        4. I think we have a strong cultural fascination with death and dying as part of art and storytelling, but we like to avoid actual death and dying. Halloween, for example, we dress our children up like zombies and vampires and call that good healthy fun. I can see how other cultures might find that distasteful or worse.


  1. Again, your photo doesn’t have a glow, unless you are referring to the yellow of the pages of the book. I think it looks damn good, it has a pro feel to it. Creativity can illicit perfectionism, you might be too hard on yourself.

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  2. I like your picture, and it takes practice to improve (like everything). My pictures were awful when I started my blog, but I’m much better now and still most people are better than me.
    I can see why you didn’t offer more praise to your friend. I don’t think I’d have been able to offer praise for her child going into such a career. If he’s a nice child, he will probably find it very difficult and unfulfilling.
    Yes, it would have been cool to have those notebooks, but it’s a good reminder to keep your notebooks for interesting things now.
    It’s not too late to read other types of books! There’s lots in literary fiction, though, so I don’t think you should find it creatively stifling if that’s the genre you like reading best.

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement. This kind of fiction doesn’t have an interesting plot though. LOL. I don’t favor plot so much myself, but with my current level of writing skills, it is impossible to do something interesting without a plot twist. So I have to be content with what I can do here. Thank you for enjoying the picture. I tried. It is a little bit of copying other people’s arrangement since I don’t know how to arrange shapes and color myself.

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  3. I still like your pic … and I sooo get what you mean when it comes to art. When I think of the power point presentations I sometimes have to prepare … they are pretty basic and anything but creative and flashy. Slow? Yep, me too. 😁 In some situations I don’t know what to say … and get angry with myself because it’s only afterwards that I tell myself “I should have said this or that” and didn’t have a witty ready at my fingertip’s. I think your reading choices are admirable. I couldn’t read the heavy stuff you are reading. If it’s what you like then that’s perfect for you. I had different reading periods – like when I only read historical romances which I can’t get excited about now. Just like everything else, enjoy what you do.

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    1. So true, so true. I think about what I want to say too much and often miss the opportunity to say it. I mean in real life, timing is more important than the content. Me too. I regret about those things I could have said but didn’t. I was never a quick person. Due to my upbringing, I am even slower than my true self since I had to live for many years without much normal interaction with my parents due to their bitter battles. I had no practice in spontaneity. Anyway, you bring up such an interesting point and it is an inspiration. You are really a source of inspiration–I could write a story about the battle for library books. I think it is all because of my habit. When I was growing up, we lived in semi rural places. That’s the pre-internet age. There’s no bookstore around. The local library was the only thing we had. People fought hard for interesting books and bribes had to be paid to the librarians in order to get those interesting books. I had no choice but to read translated classical literature, for which not many people had any interest and were always available in the library.

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      1. Would you have ever imagined as a kid that one day we would be lost without the internet and smmartphones, have Kindle or other readers and books would be cheap? The little place I grew up was similar. We had one small shop where you could get stationary and a small selection of books. And it was the greatest when I was allowed to pick one for my birthday or good marks at the end of a term. Even better was the real book shop in the next large town with a larger selection of teen books. Thanks for your wonderful comment … I so enjoy reading about your experiences!

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        1. As a kid, I would never have imagined. I mean internet and cell phone are unbelievably important right now. Like three months ago when my phone suddenly stopped working. I went almost panic. My phone was not really up-to-date but it had been functioning well. Just imagine that I might get disrupted with my phone access is enough to set off an anxiety attack.
          Yes, I really enjoy reading your life story. So true. Living in a small town does have its advantages and disadvantages. I wish there are more bookshops in this world–reading is a wonderful thing.

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        2. Ohhh, yes! Same here! The thought of my phone not working makes me panic too. Which is why I regularly download my pictures onto several external hard drives and have a handwritten list with phone numbers. Compared to the landline numbers from my youth some of which I still know I’m lucky to remember my own number now 🤣


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