Poem Of The Day #7

Love is often unequal; affection always differs. 
The loving complains of the unloving; 
the heartfelt bemoans the heartless.
Feelings have no reason; 
life has no cure. 
Do I believe in happy ending
even if I know what the ending is like?
It sounds naive if I say I do;
it sounds cynical if I say I don't;
it sounds even worse if I say I'm indifferent. 

I believe love's exultation because
I know love's overrated exhaustion. 
Those who work hard for their love are usually 
too tired to hear the sound of the triumph,
too private to sing a public song, 
too absorbed in the living to do the analyzing. 

Stop these useless thoughts.
There are chores to complete, laundries to fold, 
dinner to cook, calls to return.
Unexamined life is too unworthy;
examined life is too worrisome.
I have to go, leaving life to 
the thought of another moment. 


28 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #7

  1. Pain is hugely felt.

    ” Some say love is painless,
    love is doubtless, love is a necessity.

    I say love is another form of pain,
    it is completely overrated,
    love can not be trusted or rely on.”

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      1. I totally agree with you, ” Love is not complicated ” , but it’s not normal either. Majority of times respect is mutual ( I don’t know, its just observation). Loyalty fails majority of time.

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  2. Love is always the sweetest pain to bare and is muxture of inequalities, complains differences and so on but is the essence of life to love n yo be loved. That’s an excellent write up with deep meaning.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, love is a pain and love is a labor. On top of that, a lot of daily trivial taking on significance. No matter how much we complain about it, we can’t live without it. LOL.


  3. Lovely poem! Love is the sweetest word in the dictionary of every human being. Everyone wants to love and be loved which is great because love alone, for all its ups and downs, and unequal parts, has saved the planet in the past, will save it now and in the future too! šŸ’“šŸ˜

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    1. That’s very true. Love saves the day and save the planet and save the dictionary from being too boring. LOL. A love being reciprocated is the best. Wish all lovers end up together and all obstacles be overcome and peace and prosperity ever after.

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  4. Brilliant! This poem really made me to think about relationships and the love we carry for each other. Love is unequal… may be because each one of us are different and the way we express our love or the love itself can be different.

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    1. That’s so true. Love has countless ways of manifesting itself. This topic of communicating love is always fascinating to me since I was brought up in a conservative environment where emotion is not expressed and taboos are prevalent. I will be forever exploring this topic of love since it is so dear to my heart.

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