The Mother-in-law (Flash Fiction #7)

Pammy says, “Your mom is taking little Sam to the park around the corner. I finally can say this to you.”

“What? What are you trying to say?” Pammy’s husband Pan asks.

“She talks about my friend Jia in a very belittled way. So Jia went to South Korea to get her lips and her eyelids done. So what? She has a failed marriage and now living with another woman. So what? Your mom talks of Jia as ‘that sort of woman’. What sort is she thinking of?”

“Sweetheart, my mother takes care of little Sam and she cooks so that you can go out to have that job of yours. I thought we should be grateful. I can’t believe you are holding a grudge against her. She’s old and have her own outdated opinion. Who cares? I don’t care what she says.” Pammy’s husband Pan says.

“You need to talk with her to stop such kind of language. I am worried that she’s poisoning our little Sam’s mind. Sam is growing up in a very different environment, you know.” Pammy says.

“Excuse me? Why me? I can’t talk with my mother like that. You know she’s overbearing and authoritative. I try to avoid talking with her, which is why I’m always so quick to agree with her.” Pan says.

“Your agreement only encourages her to talk more. By the way, most men love their mother to death and you are the few who don’t. OK. I will talk with her then.” Pammy says.

“No, please don’t.” Pan says.

“Who wants to talk with me? What is it?” The mother-in-law opens the front door. The next moment she and little Sam are standing right before them.

12 thoughts on “The Mother-in-law (Flash Fiction #7)

  1. I try to avoid talking with her, which is why I’m always so quick to agree with her. >> i feel attacked. I’m like this with my in-laws too. Either this or i don’t say anything πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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    1. LOL. Many are adopting this approach since we don’t want to cause tension. It’s impossible to talk with an authoritative figure who thinks other people should listen to him/her.

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