Poem Of The Day #39

mage by Public Co from Pixabay

She dines and she whines,
but that's just the prelude--
what she really wants is to connect. 

They know and they care, 
but only with partial knowledge.
Kindness in heart, scolding in manner.

He says, echoing opinions of others
"how come they spend 
so much money on their girl? For what?
They don't even have money.
The girl is just plain and average."

She says, shrugging her shoulders,
"What do you mean by 'how come'?
It's called equality, isn't it?
Many stupider men 
have exhausted family fortune for nothing.
Why can't a woman do the same?"

The hostess pokes her rib, and kicks her shin.
"You said you come here to connect, 
but you only sit here to offend. 
He's our honored guest--a decent man,
a responsible man, a little conservative though.
But there's nothing wrong with his old fashioned view.
Actually I quite agree with him. There's no point to 
exhaust their retirement savings to 
give their girl a music education. No point.
You probably want to apologize.
You have obviously hurt him."

She wonders and ponders--
does she really care if she's not invited back?
What is she going to do?

13 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #39

  1. It would be hard for me to tolerate this behavior. Lovely piece. I like a man to open the door for me but I will open a door for a man if I am in front of him in a store also. I would rather not go back. If something isn’t done with love and thoughtfulness it shouldn’t be done at all. Please be safe Haoyan. Hugs and love ❤️ Joni

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