Poem Of The Day #37

Photo by Juliano Ferreira from Pexels

Life--a wayward mystery;
human--an inexplicable mess.
You think you know him, 
until one day you realize--
you only see what you want to see, 
or he only lets you see what you want to see.

You think you know her,
until one meeting when it suddenly dawns on you--
she has never taken any of your advice, 
but she often comes to seek your advice. 
"Why?" You ask bluntly, drowning politeness to death,
risking eight years of friendship on a question mark. 

You think you are a perceptible and sensitive soul, 
until one reflection a decade later when you remember--
he hinted, he tried to connect, he said things,
but you missed all the signals.
How come you didn't notice
such obvious sign of possibilities?
Aren't you the dumbest, most insensitive person in the world?

14 thoughts on “Poem Of The Day #37

  1. This poem literally spoke to me. SO hard hitting! It’s like you wrote this for me.
    Oozing wisdom , my friend. Very deep and philosophical. Brilliant poem!!!! πŸ‘Œ Happy new year 2022 to you and yours!

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    1. Thank you, Sam. You and I have gone through the same life experience, it seems. We’ve all been there. I’ve always felt that the old me is too naive and the new me is very matured, until later when I find that the matured me is still quite green.

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  2. I know
    after the fact
    what better
    would have been

    I know
    after a
    with others
    what conduct
    would have been better

    the failure
    the mistakes
    the unconscious
    to endure in humility

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