No Exception?

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I just learned today that a hairdresser–he is really good with Asian hairstyle–in Edison, New Jersey just got notice that one of his clients was diagnosed with Omicron yesterday. So today the whole hair salon is shut down. All the clients in the past week were contacted, all the employees (including the delivery boy) were tested, and all the family members of the employees were being tested for virus.

This is on top of last week when my friend in Queens, New York, told me that her parent in-laws were both tested positive for Omicron. Her in-laws are living with my friend’s sister-in-law’s family. The Omicron was brought back by my friend’s nephew from his kindergarten, where one of the kids got a fever. The whole kindergarten was shut down, all the employees, kids, and kids’ family members were tested. Among them, my friend’s sister-in-law, her husband, their two kids, my friend’s in-laws–all six of them were positive for Omicron. The kids had no symptom, their parents felt a little like having a mild cold for a day, but the two in-laws, being in their 60s, suffered the worst of it. The two in-laws already had their booster shot, but still they had fever, one for one day and the other for two days.

Somehow I have a doomed feeling that everyone on earth is going to get Omicron sooner or later. If anything, everybody in the Asian community here is extra careful. And this is why among all the people I know and and among their extended circles, nobody has got the virus for the last two years, until two weeks ago. However Omicron is just too contagious. Even with the best vigilance, one still can’t avoid it. The first case of Omicron in America was confirmed on Nov. 22. And it is quite unbelievable to me that just in one month time, it can be transferred to 6 people I know (I don’t know them myself but I know them through my friend) and another family of four, the hairdresser’s, are in danger of being confirmed.

Wait, I retract. In the past two years, I did hear one case of Delta. Seven months ago, I heard that there’s a girl, who’s the daughter of an acquaintance, who was asked to go to get tested. She was attending college in Boston and her roommate was tested positive for Delta. This is the only case I heard among people I know.

Let’s pray for a wonderful 2022 with less worries.

26 thoughts on “No Exception?

  1. Covid is deadly and we need science now more than ever to help the world. Dear Haoyan, keep well and safe as we all hope for a better New Year πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸŽ‹πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

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    1. I’ve heard of Metaverse several times, but I really don’t know what that is. I heard that somebody with a username as metaverse–a poet from Australia if my memory is correct–is something feeling strange about her account since people seem to pay attention to her and corporations try to take the username from her.

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        1. And we probably have already lived in the virtual world tinged with hopes and fantasies and delusion. Now that world is becoming a universe…


  2. I have heard many stories of viruses connected to hairdressers, including a daughter-in-law who caught Covid last year and was embarrassed to be outed for going to her hairdresser after lecturing others about those contacts being non essential.

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    1. Wow, hair salon is a high-contact kind of places, considering the length of time people spend there–a small place really. I really want to know why hair is so important and I hope somebody can explain it. And makeup too…

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  3. Thank you for this post. I feel like I got an ideal what this strain can and will do now. Not what is in the news, but what I heard from you. All we can do is get vaccinated and boostered. It sounds like will all likely get this but it won’t be bad if your vaccinated. Thank you so much for your post. Sounds like things are getting better. Sending you big hugs πŸ€— love ❀️ Joni

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    1. Yes, get the booster asap. Mine will be in February but I am thinking of driving to the pharmacy to ask them if I can get the booster earlier. Yes, take care and stay healthy. Wish neither the virus nor the bad weather will get to us. Sometimes I feel like I need to pray for good luck, like those superstitious ancient people.

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      1. We have both had our boosters. I would call around and see which pharmacist are giving boosters. Many are without questions too. Thank you again for your posts. I always enjoy them so. Blessings to you dear friend. Hugs and love ❀️ Joni

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