Poem: Long Time No See

Image by Hans Toom from Pixabay

Poem Of The Day #50

Birds start chirping 
early in the morning.
Long time no see--
two or three months no hear of thee.

Last week's rain, ice, windy chill,
and the weekend's snow squall
become a distant memory. 
Now we cheer spring in February --
60 Fahrenheit, in Celsius, it's 15 degree.

The grudges of last autumn
have gone forgotten;
the love of yesteryear faints away, 
only a trace remain.

Acceptance here, rejection there;
smile first, scold later;
self control then, explosion now.
Does it really matter? 
Oblivion eats all, 
except you. 

You are a ghost here--
your ridiculous staying power.
It's all because I still believe
that I could have won your love if I had tried.
But I didn't. End of the story.
Why can't I let go? 


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