An Amazing Number

I finally did my registration for vaccine shots and here is the email I received:

240 different languages? That’s a lot. I guess there are people speaking 240 different languages in New Jersey. I wonder if 240 languages cover most corners of the world. This is amazing. I know diversity is not everybody’s cup of tea, but I feel quite proud of it. I have been routinely helping people to make phone calls and I know that people who don’t speak much English never dare to pick up the phone to call the government. They always ask other people to call for them. So this feature may not be fully utilized. However, just the fact that somebody thought about implementing such a feature is enlightening.

This is my favorite message concerning COVID-19.

21 thoughts on “An Amazing Number

  1. Congratulations! And yes it is thoughtful of them to consider adding so many languages. It might help a lot of people who struggle to communicate in English.

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  2. That’s 235 more than my state! Haha!

    But it is New Jersey. Even in New York City there are many government services in different languages as well. I’d imagine in some places like New Orleans they have to do services in French just like how Spanish is widely spoken in California.

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    1. LOL. Yes, it is only New Jersey. That’s what I want to say too. My friend said he and his wife wants to visit New Orleans, but they have been saying that for years. I wish they do and I can live a life of travel vicariously through them. LOL.

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