The Brothers (Flash Fiction)

Image by Владимир Харитонов from Pixabay Flash Fiction #156 "Well, we've been waiting for ten to fifteen minutes. They still haven't shown up. Well, it's just a social media call, but still we had to postpone our dinner for this. Also I wear more makeup than usual just to hide my ever increasing spots and … Continue reading The Brothers (Flash Fiction)

Of Mice And Men

Image by Prawny from Pixabay For two or three weeks, an ad and an accompanying article have appeared on the local Asian newspaper about a position called Director Of Rodent Mitigation in New York City. It is not just a regular pest control position that offers a low salary, which is insufficient to pay for … Continue reading Of Mice And Men

Stolen Ghosts (Flash Fiction Part 2)

Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay Flash Fiction #139 "Here's my idea. You know we Asians are really afraid of ghosts, but more than half of our students are American born and grew up here in New Jersey, who are not really afraid of ghosts like us. We grew up in Asia and we are … Continue reading Stolen Ghosts (Flash Fiction Part 2)

Stolen Ghosts (Flash Fiction Part 1)

Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay Flash Fiction #139 The rivalry between the "Ivy Training Center" and "Step By Step Academy" has been well known in the Asian immigrant community and it was elaborated in a previous story. Recently Ivy, the owner of the "Ivy Training Center", is a little worried about the student enrollment … Continue reading Stolen Ghosts (Flash Fiction Part 1)

Learning Something New

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz, from Pixabay I really couldn't believe this, but I googled it and it was right before my eyes: If one wants to replace an electric water heater in New Jersey, one has to apply for a plumbing permit and an electric permit at the township. And the only reason I … Continue reading Learning Something New

A Fashionable Lady (Flash Fiction #82)

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay Mayla looks at the mirror and smiles with satisfaction at her own image. She never considered herself a fashionable girl before, but a series of recent events have somehow changed her view. First time in her life, she thinks if money is no objection, she wants to be as fashionable … Continue reading A Fashionable Lady (Flash Fiction #82)

Ivy And Tom (Flash Fiction #79)

Image by Kiều Trường from Pixabay "You know Tom just repeats himself so often. I really want to ask him to stop, but I just can't do it." Ivy says. She's talking about her husband Tom Tsai. They've been married for twenty years now and have a good manageable relationship. Ivy's idea of a good … Continue reading Ivy And Tom (Flash Fiction #79)

I Am Not Negative (Flash Fiction #66)

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay Whenever Ivy meets Dan, she feels a pang of regret. Dan is a distant relative of Ivy on Ivy's father's side. If this were in Ivy's hometown in Southeast Asia, Ivy wouldn't even think about Dan since Ivy has dozens of relatives who are closer to her. However this is … Continue reading I Am Not Negative (Flash Fiction #66)

The Neighbors (Flash Fiction #30)

KPhoto by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash Kyi-sook has this continuous feud with her neighbor Joe. Kyi-sook's husband Kai is a very laid-back guy and doesn't want to make a fuss at all. After prodding her husband numerous times without seeing any results, Kyi-sook realizes that she is the one who has to go out there … Continue reading The Neighbors (Flash Fiction #30)

An Amazing Number

I finally did my registration for vaccine shots and here is the email I received: 240 different languages? That's a lot. I guess there are people speaking 240 different languages in New Jersey. I wonder if 240 languages cover most corners of the world. This is amazing. I know diversity is not everybody's cup of … Continue reading An Amazing Number

Things I Want To Do But Can’t

Such a beautiful day today that one just wants to go out and walk about, but instead one's stuck here staring at the computer screen. Sunny, a few clouds floating decoratively, 72 degrees, humidity not too high to mess up the hair and not too low to dry up the skin. There are only ten … Continue reading Things I Want To Do But Can’t