The Weekend Binge

mage by Public Co from Pixabay Last weekend, I tried to binge read three books--actually I tried to listen since these are audible books--but only managing to finish two, with the third one about half way through. The three books are "Catch and Kill" by Ronan Farrow, "She Said" by Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey, … Continue reading The Weekend Binge

Quote Of The Day: The Changing World

From My iPhone Quote Of The Day # 76 "Mia Farrow is a great actress and a wonderful mom, who sacrificed greatly for her kids. And yet so much of her talent and reputation was consumed by the men in her life." "Catch And Kill" by Ronan Farrow And this quote is soooooooo true. So … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: The Changing World