It Could Be A Ghost Story

Image by Joe from Pixabay

I won’t claim that I have been haunted, but several strange things did happen today. I mean they are not really so strange that they can make up a haunting tale, but rather they are a little strange that can prompt one to ask the question, “is this a sign for Halloween?”

This morning, as I drove pass the haunted bridge, which was mentioned in a previous post here, an accident happened on the three lane traffic right before reaching the bridge. There was a little curve, a little upward turn like a mild ramp as if preparing one for the bridge. The surface of the road is changed since one can hear that the sound coming from the wheels is different. So it had an accident and two lanes were blocked. Actually for several months, I hadn’t seen an accident on the bridge, which made me think that probably the bridge was no longer haunted, or the bridge had grown out of its haunting phase. But this accident proved that this bridge is as haunted as ever.

And the whole day my mind couldn’t concentrate on what was in front of me. Instead it constantly went to a decision I made several days ago that involved me, my friend L, and a couple who are also friends, and something we planned to do. I am not at liberty to divulge the particulars, but it was something we talked about for months that involved money. So here I was sitting there, pretending to work, while my mind was elsewhere, thinking of this decision I had made. It felt like my mind was haunted and couldn’t break free from a ghostly topic.

And finally after hours of thinking back and forth, pondering on pros and cons, I finally picked up the phone, called my friends, and reversed my decision. I felt dreadful. My friends took it calmly and even said, “it doesn’t matter one way or another.” However the more polite they were, the more furious they became in my imagination.

Making decisions doesn’t give one any pleasure at all since each decision comes with pros and cons, each makes one gain some and lose some, each is one part positive and one part negative. This means each decision has the power to upset. Of course each decision also has the power to please, but the problem is that the degree of pleasure can never outweigh the degree of upset. We just feel more acutely about the negative part…

In the evening, I went to Trader Joe’s and Walmart for groceries. And I thought I had bought Trader Joe’s tofu, but to my surprise, coming back home, Trader Joe’s tofu was nowhere to be found. I thought the tofu package could have fallen into an obscure corner of the trunk of the car. So I use my cell phone as flashlight to search the trunk several times, only to find nothing. It is probably haunted–that’s my conclusion. And probably the ghost is a vegan who loves my tofu. He or she must have carried my tofu to a ghost place and is cooking it right now… Wait a second–does a ghost need to ingest food like a human?

29 thoughts on “It Could Be A Ghost Story

  1. I sometimes misplace things and find them in the exact same spot after days, weeks, or even months. Makes me wonder whether I’m out of my mind. Sometimes we miss what’s right in front of our eyes, literally and metaphorically. I wonder if ghosts eat…don’t want to know though. πŸ™‚

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    1. Me too. I lost the rice scoop for a week, and then it emerged yesterday, hiding right in the drawer where it should be. Me too. I often wonder if I have lost my memory or lost my mind completely.

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    1. Welcome back, δ½›. Long time no see. Haha, you crack me up. Soy sauce is really what the ghost need and probably the ghost would raid an Asian store to get all the seasoning needed for the vegan food…

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