The Truth Teller (Flash Fiction)

Image by Hamsterfreund from Pixabay Flash Fiction #135 "Can you persuade her? You are such a good girl, Venven, but your cousin Arlai is the exact opposite. Remember she went to Thailand for vacation and came back expressing her desire to be a Buddhist nun? Remember that? Then she tried to set up an animal … Continue reading The Truth Teller (Flash Fiction)

Quote Of The Day: Saving Or Spending

from my phone Quote Of The Day #60 "History never repeats itself; man always does" "People do some crazy things about money, but no one is crazy. People from different generation, raised by different parents, who held different values, in different parts of the world, experience different economy learn very different lessons (about money)." "The … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Saving Or Spending

Lisha’s Outburst (Flash Fiction Continued)

Image by Prettysleepy Art from Pixabay Flash Fiction #134 "Oh, Lisha. Please stop." Mali groans. "Well, I think you should be the last person to care about real or unreal, given your record of..." Lisha says. "What are you talking about?" Mali is surprised. "I don't want to spell it out. You know what I … Continue reading Lisha’s Outburst (Flash Fiction Continued)

Lisha’s Outburst (Flash Fiction)

Image by Prettysleepy Art from Pixabay Flash Fiction #134 Lisha has reached the awkward middle age when she still has the desire to meet new people and to socialize, but she no longer has the youthful good nature to just enjoy a gathering without telling herself how hopelessly boring it is. However her daughter always … Continue reading Lisha’s Outburst (Flash Fiction)

Quote Of The Day: Slang And Satire

Image by Capucine from Pixabay Quote Of The Day #59 I think I must have missed half of the jokes or parody or satires in this book since there are so many historical contexts and allusions to events that I have no knowledge of. However with my limited understanding, the book is still very funny. … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Slang And Satire

I Met Such A Girl

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay I met such a girl and I want to write about her. Well, I really want to say that I don't know how to write about her and I want to practice writing about her. She and her brother were born in a very conservative immigrant family, which means … Continue reading I Met Such A Girl

Caught In The Middle

Photo by Nikolay Shulga from I am not going to talk about all my mishaps in life being caught in the middle, for example my humiliating experience as a mediator. Wait a second, actually the mediation was a success, and the two battling parties eventually made peace and even managed to be socially friendly. … Continue reading Caught In The Middle

The Embarrassing Incidents

Photo by Anna Shvets from Missing The Cue Have you ever had such an experience that one day you suddenly realize that you missed a verbal cue two years, three years or even ten years ago? I mean it could be a deliberate hint, a veiled interest, a tentative sharing, a statement disguised as … Continue reading The Embarrassing Incidents

New Word: Cooking But Not Really Cooking

Image by Trang Pham from Pixabay New Word #119 roast: cook (food, especially meat) by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven or over a fire. However this word has extended to mean to criticize or reprimand severely. And then the word has stretched its meaning again mainly in the U.S. to mean a banquet … Continue reading New Word: Cooking But Not Really Cooking

Quote Of The Day: Lively Debate

Quote Of The Day # 58 "...Recite a text and then the young monks have the job of memorizing them. Simply absorb the teaching while memorizing in the classic Indian sense associated with the oral tradition of teaching throughout the Indian world. And then they have to go out to debate it. That's where the … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Lively Debate

Cultural Differences And Small Businesses

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay Actually it is not really about cultural differences, but rather it is about small business owners, who have some difficulties navigating laws and regulations. The problem is when one opens a small business, one doesn't have a handbook of laws and regulations in hand. One only comes across laws … Continue reading Cultural Differences And Small Businesses

New Word: Types Of Students

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay New Word #118 Let me think what kind of student I was when I was in school. I was not a diligent student but I pretended to be just to keep up the appropriate appearance to fool others as well as myself. I was a coward since I never stood … Continue reading New Word: Types Of Students

It’s An Interesting Phase Everybody Goes Through (Flash Fiction)

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay Flash Fiction #134 "It's an interesting phase everybody goes through." Armei, Lulan look at their friend Pammy and reach a consensus. If somebody asks them what "an interesting phase" really means and why everybody has to go through it, neither of them can give a satisfactory answer. But … Continue reading It’s An Interesting Phase Everybody Goes Through (Flash Fiction)

What Can I Say To Her? (Flash Fiction)

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay Flash Fiction #133 "Look, Ivy, nobody wants to tutor Susu. We are here to tell you that we don't want Susu." Lulan says. Ivy looks at Lulan, Tin, Cindy, and then the new employee San. They all look back at her while nodding their head to agree with what Lulan … Continue reading What Can I Say To Her? (Flash Fiction)